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Mobile phones are increasingly used in the e-health domain. In this context, enabling secure access to health records from mobile devices is of particular importance because of the high security and privacy requirements for sensitive medical data. Standard operating systems and software, as they are deployed on current smartphones, cannot protect sensitive(More)
Using mobile phones to access healthcare data is an upcoming application scenario of increasing importance in the near future. However, important aspects to consider in this context are the high security and privacy requirements for sensitive medical data. Current mobile phones using standard operating systems and software cannot offer appropriate(More)
Bacterial flora of burn wound smears and hemocultures of 25 patients with burns have been followed up and analysed in the period of one year. Pseudomonas auruginosa have been most commonly isolated from burn wound smears, in 406 (5.6%) and Staphylococcus aureus, in 371 (47.14) samples. The most important hemoculture isolates has been Staphylococcus aureus(More)
The specificity of the lower leg is in sparse collateral blood flow of the skin cover in the middle and distal part, reduced subcutaneous tissue and the prominence of the front side of tibia immediately under the skin. These characteristics of the lower leg make the application of the standard plastic reconstructive principles, which have been applied in(More)
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