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WLAN intrusion prevention systems have recently become one of the research hotspots with the rapid development of wireless communication. This paper starts from the introduction of intrusion prevention system and security threats to WLAN, puts forward the framework of the wireless IPS with an intelligent plan recognition engine, especially illustrates the(More)
With the fast development of WLAN, wireless intrusion prevention systems have recently become the research hotspot. In this paper, we first analyze the drawbacks of WLAN and indicate the primary 802.11-specific threats, then present the framework of the wireless IPS with an intelligent plan recognition and pre-decision engine using honeypot technology,(More)
With the fast development of wireless network, the problems on wireless security have become more and more prominence. And technologies of firewall and intrusion detection cannot solve these problems satisfactorily. However, wireless intrusion prevention systems which can prevent attacks for WLAN excellently have become the research hotspot. In this paper,(More)
Modelling 3D stratum surface is difficult because the number of exploratory holes is usually too small. As an attempt to solve this problem, many interpolation methods were proposed to estimate the surface between the holes. In this paper, we propose an approach to interpolate 3D spatial points and model stratum surface. The curvature of the original(More)
Full-text searching techniques have been extensively used in the area of information retrieval. However, the full-text searching techniques are often insufficient to retrieve meaningful or valuable documents since the basic idea of these techniques is word or phrase matching, not concept matching. A Chinese document retrieval method enhanced by concept base(More)
Vehicle parking problem is a critical problem for most Chinese cities. In order to find out the rules hidden in the underlying data of vehicle parking, a rule mining system has been developed based on a meta-information mechanism. Meta-information is a simple data structure for describing a distributed information system or its subsystems of the rough set(More)
Integrated-Logistics is an important trend of logistics. It is an effective way to reduce the cost of the supply-chain. The paper proposes an e-business Integrated-Logistics Model which was based on multi-agent and supported by Information Service Providers (ISP). The Model solves the problems of information sharing and business interoperability(More)
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