Ze'ev Melamed

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The most critical stage in initiation of melanoma metastasis is the radial to vertical growth transition, yet the triggers of this transition remain elusive. We suggest that the microenvironment drives melanoma metastasis independently of mutation acquisition. Here we examined the changes in microenvironment that occur during melanoma radial growth. We show(More)
The initial step in microRNA (miRNA) biogenesis requires processing of the precursor miRNA (pre-miRNA) from a longer primary transcript. Many pre-miRNAs originate from introns, and both a mature miRNA and a spliced RNA can be generated from the same transcription unit. We have identified a mechanism in which RNA splicing negatively regulates the processing(More)
Mathematical relations for the number of mature T4 bacteriophages, both inside and after lysis of an Escherichia coli cell, as a function of time after infection by a single phage were obtained, with the following five parameters: delay time until the first T4 is completed inside the bacterium (eclipse period, nu) and its standard deviation (sigma), the(More)
Gene duplication and exonization of intronic transposed elements are two mechanisms that enhance genomic diversity. We examined whether there is less selection against exonization of transposed elements in duplicated genes than in single-copy genes. Genome-wide analysis of exonization of transposed elements revealed a higher rate of exonization within(More)
There are about 6500 births yearly in the Ashkelon District. 6% of the mothers are Ethiopians, most of whom immigrated to Israel since the early 90's. Our data are from 3 sources: birth certificates, infant death certificates, and the national population register. Birth rates in single mothers and rates of low-birth-weight births have declined over the(More)
A health education program was developed to address the immediate needs of 20,000 Ethiopian immigrants to Israel in 1991. This modular program included: the use of health services, nutrition, prescription medication use, prevention of home accidents, first-aid and personal hygiene. Using an anthropological orientation, the program attempted to bridge the(More)
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