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Molecular dynamics simulations are carried out on the isothermal crystallization process of single polyethylene chains with different chain lengths on the single wall carbon nanotube. This process is summarized as two steps, i.e., adsorption and orientation, and the bond-orientational order parameter is used to show the details of this process. The results(More)
The self-assembly of organic molecules on surfaces is a promising approach for the development of nanoelectronic devices. Although a variety of strategies have been used to establish stable links between molecules, little is known about the electrical conductance of these links. Extended electronic states, a prerequisite for good conductance, have been(More)
We have studied the energy dependence of the electron-phonon coupling strength on Bi(100). A fit of the temperature-dependent surface state linewidth results in a change of the coupling parameter lambda from 0.20+/-0.02 to 0.72+/-0.05 as the binding energy of the surface state increases from 70 to 330 meV. This result cannot be reconciled with the usual(More)
To qualify the risks from inhaled particles, the quality characteristics should as well be know as the various regions where the particles will be deposited in the respiratory tract. This means that the inhalable, thoracic, respirable, extrathoracic and tracheobronchial conventions of the airborne particles should be known as an outcome of the measurement(More)
  • Yiming Cai, Ze - Sheng Li
  • 2012 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering…
  • 2012
Since the early pilot lightning sparks preionization provide a large number of photons, photoionization need far less energy than that for the impact ionization, ionization rate is very high, therefore, the photoionization effect of photonl plays a great role in promoting the increase rate of lightning current speed. From the aspect of photoionization in(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of polyethylene/fullerene (PE/C60) nanocomposites with different fullerene contents were performed. During the isothermal relaxation process of the PE/C60 nanocomposites, subglobules first appear around C60 molecules and the subglobules coalesce into single globule, then the globule evolves as an ordered structure with the C60(More)
  • Ze - Sheng Li, Yiming Cai
  • 2011 2nd International Conference on Artificial…
  • 2011
Practice platform of innovative education is the basis for cultivating the ability of innovation among college students. The paper is aimed at designing and constructing a practice platform to innovative education featuring comprehensive functions, standard management and easy operation under the discussion and analysis on issues such as goal establishment(More)
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