Ze Ping Cai

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The mechanism of anther abortion in a male sterile (ms) line (Longyou 9S) of Brassica napus L. was evaluated by a combination of light and electron microscopies. Light microscopy showed that the tapetal cells of the ms line appeared smaller than those of its fertile line, sporogenous cells were rich in vacuoles, and pollen mother cells dismantled before the(More)
We report the basic luminescence properties and the continuous-wave (CW) laser operation of a Pr(3+)-doped KYF(4) single crystal in the Red and Orange spectral regions by using a new pumping scheme. The pump source is an especially developed, compact, slightly tunable and intra-cavity frequency-doubled diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser delivering a CW output power(More)
Owing to the distinguishing properties of nondiffraction, self-healing, and transverse acceleration, Airy beams have attracted much attention in the past decade. To date, a simple approach for exquisitely fabricating cubic phase plates with both continuous variation of phase and micro size still remains challenging, which limits the generation of(More)
We report here the first demonstration of a harmonic mode-locked Raman fiber laser using the intermodal beating of a continuous-wave (CW) multiple-longitudinal-mode pump laser. By matching the Raman-cavity round-trip frequency with the intermodal-beating one of a 1064 nm CW pump source, harmonic mode-locking in phosphosilicate Raman fiber laser is stably(More)
The present study determined the thyroid hormone interference of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) in Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats, and the derived-reference dose (RfD) of different endpoint effects on mammals based on experimental results and data collection. Based on repeated exposure toxicity tests on mammals and extensive research, the present study used(More)
Cavity-length dependence of the property of optically pumped GaN-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) with two dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors was investigated. The cavity lengths were well controlled by employing etching with inductively coupled plasma and chemical mechanical polishing. It was found that the lasing characteristics(More)
Rapid integration of high-quality functional devices in microchannels is in highly demand for miniature lab-on-a-chip applications. This paper demonstrates the embellishment of existing microfluidic devices with integrated micropatterns via femtosecond laser MRAF-based holographic patterning (MHP) microfabrication, which proves two-photon polymerization(More)
The polarized emission spectra for the <sup>3</sup>P<sub>0</sub>→<sup>1</sup>G<sub>4</sub> emission transition of the Pr<sup>3+</sup> ion around 910 nm in the Pr<sup>3+</sup>:LiYF<sub>4</sub> (Pr:YLF) laser crystal were registered and calibrated in unit of cross sections for the first time. Continuous-wave (CW) laser operation is demonstrated at 915 nm in π(More)
We report the study of absorption and fluorescence in neodymium doped silica fibers with excitation pulses much shorter than the fluorescence lifetime. Fluorescence and absorption saturation are observed for pump powers well below the damage threshold of the fiber. The saturation process is described using the density matrix method for the light absorption(More)
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