Zdzislaw Król

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In this paper we introduce the extendable cross-platform software framework Julius for medical visualization and surgical planning, consisting of two conceptual layers: the Julius Software Development Kit (JSDK) and its frontend the Julius Graphical User Interface (JGUI). Julius features a modular, platform-independent design and includes a full set of(More)
For reconstruction of some craniofacial defects which m a y b e c a u s e d b y trauma, removal of cancer, or due to congenital absence, the procedure of bonegrafting is necessary. In this paper we propose a method to identify an optimal donor site for autologous grafts. It is done by performing an optimization of appropriate surface based and voxel based(More)
In this paper a new fully automatic method for registration of intramodal medical data is proposed. The method combines edge detection at diierent thresholds with chamfer distance transformation. The result is a distance map which is weighted by the importance of the edges which are extracted. As an alternative to the user-dependent non-automatic(More)
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