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Both the economic practice and education in the decades after the 2 nd world war continued the previous trend toward over-specialization resulting from the huge amounts of knowledge piled up. But both the global impact and the local action require linking of specialists in interdisciplinary creative cooperation for their work processes to succeed. 'Division(More)
Systems theory has become a worldview aimed at holism, and a methodology supportive of holism. But it has also become a sophisticated mathematical and philosophical approach, which limits it to rather few intellectuals and systems theorists. This is not enough for humankind to do well. An insight into the most successful companies, called the visionary(More)
*This article (except the section Quantified approaches to modeling) is based on the book by M. Mulej et al.: *Dialectical systems thinking and the law of requisite holism*concerning innovation. Forthcoming. ABSTRACT Modelling is a crucial tool in research and development, but models simplify one's perception of systems as mental pictures of reality, maybe(More)
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