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Our major contribution is to propose QoE assessment methodologies for mobile YouTube which is currently the most prominent on-line video portal. For this purpose we designed two assessment methodologies which are reflecting real usage scenarios. The focus is given on different variables: the video streaming profile, end user device and overall conditions.(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to provide a regression-based calculator that takes premorbid functioning into account to detect subtle cognitive decline, as is often present in pre-dementia states, especially mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease (PD-MCI). METHOD We used demographic adjustments based on sex, age, and education of(More)
OBJECTIVE The influence of demographic variables on the Trail Making Test (TMT) performance in older individuals and empirical findings on clinical validity in predementia states, such as Parkinson's disease mild cognitive impairment (PD-MCI), are limited. The principal aim of this study was to add normative data for the Czech population of older adults and(More)
The paper deals with selected similarity measures which can be used for hierarchical clustering of nominal variables. These variables are commonly used in questionnaire surveys. Cluster analysis can be applied in case a reduction of a dataset size is welcomed. In this paper, there are examined several similarity measures for nominal variable clustering,(More)
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