Zdenek Procházka

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1. We determined the pharmacological profile of novel backbone-modified peptides designed as protease-resistant, selective analogues of AVP. Binding affinities of peptides were determined at both V1A and V2 subtypes of vasopressin receptor (VPR). Biological potencies of selected peptides were tested in pressor and antidiuretic bioassays. 2. Substitution of(More)
Road region is an important information for guidance of autonomous vehicles or robots. The goal of this research is to develop robust monocular algorithm suitable for region based road detection. This paper deals with a problem, how to estimate probability density function (pdf) of road region appearing in sequential images. The key idea is to construct pdf(More)
For the purpose of evaluating substitution effects in the ortho, meta or para positions of the aromatic ring of tyrosine or phenylalanine in position 2 of oxytocin on uterotonic activity in vitro in the presence and absence of magnesium ions, six new analogues of oxytocin ([D- and L-m-methylphenylalanine2]oxytocin, [D- and L-m-methoxyphenylalanine2]oxytocin(More)