Zdenek Matejcek

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The authors followed 220 children born in 1961-1963 to women twice denied abortion for the same pregnancy in Prague (Czech Republic) and 220 pair-matched controls, whose mothers were pair-matched for age and socioeconomic status and the partner's presence in the home. They were medically, psychologically, and socially assessed at ages 9, 14-16, 21-23, 30,(More)
The results of the fourth wave of the Prague Study of subjects born of unwanted pregnancies (UP) are reported. Of these young adults, 190 were examined at age 30 together with pair-matched control subjects born of accepted pregnancies (AP). Siblings of both UP and AP subjects were also examined. As in the previous data waves the UP subjects manifest less(More)
Overview of views on dyslexia-specific reading disorders. The most important contribution to the problem was the work of S. T. Orton which began more than 60 years ago. He was the first to formulate the neuropsychological theory of dyslexia. His followers use as a basis his idea that the specific background of dyslexia are cerebral mechanisms with decisive(More)
The authors inform on the elaboration of a screening method for recording of symptoms of minimal brain dysfunction and its initial verification in the research problem "Incidence of signs of minimal brain dysfunctions in children in the North Bohemian region". In the first stage a population group of children in the second form of primary school in three(More)