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The main objective of this paper is to show new possibilities of wireless communication for mobile robotic and industrial units in the real time. The means of using wireless communication networks based on parallel processing and data transfer for various network topologies are discussed here. We have been focusing our research on ultra low power(More)
The article discusses using embedded systems for diagnostic and maintenance planning. There is described design and using of two embedded systems with different digital signal processors, their advantages and disadvantages. There are described applications of embedded systems for diagnostic and maintenance planning for machines, drives and ventilators.(More)
This article describes the algorithm for searching the human face by the camera. This device is placed in a robotic head. This head should be used for the submission of information when entering into a building such as e.g. a museum. It is therefore necessary for the head to react to the stimuli. If a person appears in front of the head, the head must look(More)