Zdenek Loose

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Our paper introduces implementation details of the application that serves as an audiovisual interface to the automatic dialogue system. It comprises a state-of-the-art large vocabulary continuous speech recognition engine and a TTS system coupled with an embodied avatar that is able to some extent convey a range of emotions to the user. The interface was(More)
In the paper we introduce the on-line captioning system developed by our teams and used by the Czech Television (CTV), the public service broadcaster in the Czech Republic. The research project is targeted at incorporation of speech technologies into the CTV environment. One of the key missions is the development of captioning system supporting captioning(More)
A novel approach to the live captioning through re-speaking is introduced in this paper. We describe our concept of respeaking using only one re-speaker with enhanced re-speaker tasks fully integrated to the recognition system and captioning software. New techniques for instant correction of recognition output, punctuation mark introduction or new word(More)
This paper presents a real-time implementation of an automatic dialogue system called ‘Senior Companion’, which is not strictly task-oriented, but instead it is designed to ‘chat’ with elderly users about their family photographs. To a large extent, this task has lost the usual restriction of dialogue systems to a particular (narrow) domain, and thus the(More)
This paper deals with live subtitling of TV ice-hockey commentaries using automatic speech recognition technology. Two methods are presented - a direct transcription of a TV program and a re-speaking approach. Practical issues emerging from the real subtitling system are introduced and their solutions are proposed. Acoustic and language modelling is(More)
Since the re-speaker approach to the automatic captioning of TV broadcastings using large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) is on the increase, there is also a growing demand for training systems that would allow new speakers to learn the procedure. This paper describes a specially designed re-speaker training system that provides gradual(More)
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