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As we know all software products require maintenance and support. After observing time requirements for maintenance and all needed innovations and changes I realize that cost for those activities is somewhere around half of all bugged for software product. The more years is software used and alive the more time and costs are required. Linear dependency(More)
A choice of suitable specifications of Information Systems (IS) in Software Life Cycle (SwLC) (represented by formal or semi-formal models, dependencies between them and the way they are used during SwLC phases execution) influence the cost and the outcomes quality for a given SwLC phase. Research area is oriented to analysis and design of the methods that(More)
The paper discusses a choice of appropriate software architecture with regards to the specifications of embedded applications as information systems particularly used in area of radio and television broadcast audio program processing. The main requirement of mentioned embedded systems is an extremely good real-time response and minimized latency between(More)
The need for changes of certain part of software after delivery is here from the beginning of electronic calculations. Required software changes are an inescapable consequence of the nature of software and the changing environment in which it is used. Majority of today's software systems always meet with rapidly changing requirements, which result from(More)
The paper presents a proposal of a method for MDA based “on-the-fly” modelling of Musical Real Time Applications. The method is based on use of the Executable and Translatable UML approach (xtUML) with regards to implementation on embedded systems. Since the goal is to implement a real-time application requiring certain real-time Quality of Service (QoS)(More)
Modeling is one of the most important factors in the process of computer systems development. It is the process of representing real-world concepts in the computer domains as a blueprint for the purpose of software development. Recent trends in software and system development have also revealed the value of developing systems at higher levels of(More)
This article discusses the challenge of the Integrated Project Support Environment development. Such an environment could be successfully applicable to a variety of software development project types. Since there are many software development approaches available it is important to choose and use an appropriate development methodology, methods and tools for(More)
Nowadays, knowledge about design and implementation models of current version of software system and also knowledge about application domain of software system are important for software engineering processes related to design, management, maintenance and modification of software system. Utilization of proper knowledge can streamline and speed up each phase(More)
Software maintenance presents nowadays one of the most critical phases of software system life cycle. Constant changes of system's requirements or changes related to occurrences of system defects caused that thorough system understanding in order of efficient realization of system's modifications becomes now an inevitable part of maintenance process. In(More)
The component modeling offers the potential to assemble applications much more rapidly than ever before. Agents can be viewed as specialized distributed components, offering greater flexibility than traditional components when developing certain applications. Different kinds of agents have different amounts of personality, mobility, interaction,(More)