Zdenek Hanzálek

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The aim of this paper is to show, how a multitasking application running under a real-time operating system compliant with an OSEK/VDX standard can be modeled by timed automata. The application under consideration consists of several non-preemptive tasks and interrupt service routines that can be synchronized by events. A model checking tool is used to(More)
The IEEE 802.15.4 protocol has the ability to support time-sensitive wireless sensor network (WSN) applications due to the guaranteed time slot (GTS) medium access control mechanism. Recently, several analytical and simulation models of the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol have been proposed. Nevertheless, currently available simulation models for this protocol are(More)
The aim of this article is to show, how a multitasking application running under real-time operating system compliant with OSEK/VDX standard can be modeled by timed automata. The application under consideration consists of several tasks, it includes resource sharing and synchronization by events. For such system, we use model checking theory based on timed(More)
This paper deals with the optimization of iterative algorithms with matrix operations or nested loops for hardware implementation in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), using Integer Linear Programming (ILP). The method is demonstrated on an implementation of the Finite Interval Constant Modulus Algorithm. It is an equalization algorithm, suitable for(More)
This article addresses the problem of the computation of instantaneous firing speed in Invariant Behavior state (IB-state) of Constant speed Continuous Petri Net (CCPN) with presence of actual conflicts. The adopted approach is based on polyhedral computations applied to specify an area of possible instantaneous firing speed. If the actual conflicts are(More)
This paper presents a Matlab based scheduling toolbox TORSCHE (time optimization of resources, scheduling). The toolbox offers a collection of data structures that allow the user to formalize various off-line and online scheduling problems. Algorithms are simply implemented as Matlab functions with fixed structure allowing users to implement new algorithms.(More)
This paper presents an algorithm that allows one to create a static schedule of the Profinet IO IRT (Isochronous Real Time) communication, which is an industrial Ethernet protocol standardized in IEC 61158. This algorithm offers an alternative to the available commercial tool, providing comparable results with respect to the resulting schedule makespan.(More)
This paper presents a scheduling technique for a library of arithmetic logarithmic modules for FPGA illustrated on a RLS filter for active noise cancellation. The problem under assumption is to find an optimal periodic cyclic schedule satisfying the timing constraints. The approach is based on a transformation to monoprocessor cyclic scheduling with(More)
This article deals with verification of real time distributed system focusing on CAN model by timed automata and specification of verified properties by temporal logic. Such system, based on several CPUs, consists of an application SW running under real-time operating system (e.g. OSEK) and using standard broadcast communications based on the Controller(More)