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— The femtocells are very promising concept for wireless networks to significantly enhance system capacity. Nevertheless, a lot of challenges must be still addressed. The paper focuses on a power control mechanism and proposes a novel approach for dynamic adaptation of transmitting power of femtocell access points. The basic idea is to adapt the(More)
A monitoring of signal quality must be performed in wireless networks since the users are continuously moving among base or relay stations. This is done via so called scanning procedure when a mobile station measures specific channel parameters. After each scanning, the mobile station reports the results to its serving station. This paper proposes a new(More)
VoIP is one of the most emerging technologies in the area of speech communications. VoIP is widely deployed in fixed line access networks. However, user’s requirements on the mobility within communication and on the quality of the speech communications are increasing. Therefore, VoIP technology is more and more integrated into broadband wireless(More)
This paper proposes an optimization of management messages and their exchange during a scanning procedure of mobile stationpsilas neighborhood in WiMAX based networks with relay stations. The scanning procedure allows a mobile station to obtain information about handover target access stations. In IEEE 802.16e standard, where the relay stations are not(More)