Zdena Zudova

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This study of male reproductive health in the Czech Republic resulted from community concern about potential adverse effects of air pollution. We compared young men (18 years of age) living in Teplice, a highly industrialized district with seasonally elevated levels of air pollution, to those from Prachatice, a rural district with relatively clean air.(More)
Genotoxic effects of occupational exposure to cytostatics were investigated in 20 nurses and physicians working in various departments of one hospital. The group was divided into two equal subgroups one of which was involved in the administration of cytostatics (exposed subgroup) and the other was not (unexposed subgroup). The whole group and the two(More)
We used cytogenetic analysis to carry out a cohort study in which the major objective was to test the association between frequency of chromosomal aberrations and subsequent risk of cancer. In spite of the extensive use of the cytogenetic analysis of human peripheral blood lymphocytes in biomonitoring of exposure to various mutagens and carcinogens on an(More)
Peripheral lymphocytes of 3 groups of adult subject (28 workers occupationally exposed for 4 years to epichlorohydrin [ECHH], 34 matching controls and 21 subjects of the general population (control group) were cytogenetically analysed. In total, 11 806 metaphases were scored. The following frequencies of aberrant cells (bearing mostly chromatid and(More)
In spite of the extensive use of cytogenetic analysis of human peripheral blood lymphocytes in the biomonitoring of exposure to various mutagens and carcinogens, the long-term effects of an increased frequency of chromosomal aberrations in individuals are still uncertain. Few epidemiologic studies have addressed this issue, and a moderate risk of cancer in(More)
During the period of 1983-1985, in two of apprentice schools of P. town the health disorders were investigated in the total of 82 apprentices 15-18 years old from the environment with elevated concentrations of formaldehyde and toluene. The study was contrasted with a control total of 42 apprentices. Cytogenetical examination has been performed, and(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined potential associations between exposure to episodes of air pollution and alterations in semen quality. The air pollution, resulting from combustion of coal for industry and home heating in the Teplice district of the Czech Republic, was much higher during the winter than at other times of year with peaks exceeding US air(More)