Zdeněk Wilhelm

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1. In urethane or Nembutal anaesthetized and artificially ventilated Wistar rats, respiratory neurones of the ventrolateral medulla oblongata were analysed in extracellular (n = 74) and intracellular (n = 43) recordings. 2. Some respiratory neurones were identified as bulbospinal by their antidromic response to spinal cord stimulation at the C4 level. The(More)
Magnesium as a component of a range of enzymatic systems is a very important intracellular cation in the organism. Its monitoring is limited in many observations only to determination of its concentration in blood serum. We have done an analysis of serum and erythrocyte magnesium concentrations in 23 healthy women, 70 healthy men and in 184 patients with(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY: To investigate the morphology of erythrocytes in the peripheral blood of patients with ovarian cancer stage II and III. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The patient group consisted of 17 women (age, 53 ± 16 years) diagnosed with stage II or III ovarian cancer. The control group comprised 20 healthy women (age, 20 ± 2 years). Seventeen samples of(More)
The importance of chemoprevention is increasing nowadays because these substances have important biological effects, e.g. anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and immunostimulating, they influence blood pressure regulation, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Their anticancerogenic effects are also important as nowadays with regard to the type of tumourous(More)
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