Zdeněk Pačovský

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Based on experience with regional intrahepatic chemotherapy in 67 patients with inoperable primary, and in particular secondary liver tumours, which comprises several hundred administered cycles of mostly continuous regional regimens, the authors summarize briefly the main principles and possibilities of this treatment. In a review of randomized studies(More)
In 116 breast cancer patients, the levels of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) were determined before operation in the serum using RIA, and after operation in sections of breast tumor tissue using the immunohistological PAP technique. CEA circulating in the serum was found in 49 patients (42%). Elevated values (over 10 micrograms/l) were found in only 12(More)
Telomerase plays an important role in maintaining the stability of chromosomes. This ribonucleoprotein prevents chromosome ends (telomeres) from gradual loss with each cell division. It enables tumor cells to maintain telomere length, allowing indefinite replicative capacity. Telomerase activity has been detected in the majority of tumor and germ cells and(More)
The authors are showing their early experiences with the modified mastectomy with the use of the fish-shape incision, first published by Nowacki and Towpik in 1988. The fish-shaped incision reduces the amount of the skin in the axilla by adding two triangles on the lateral edge of the incision, prevents the "dog ear" deformity and makes the clearance of the(More)
The authors describe the case-histories of two patients with rarely encountered secondaries of a malignant skin melanoma into the gastrointestinal tract. One case was revealed before operation, the second one due to symptoms of occult haemorrhage. The paper is supplemented by a review of the world literature of the past five years.
The increase in the detection rate for premalignant changes of bronchial epithelium was studied in 56 symptom-free volunteers from the risk group of Czech uranium miners (mean age 50.69 years, mean WLM 21.06 (1 Working Level Month is equal to the absorption of latent energy of 2.08 x 10(-5) J/m(3) in one month, i.e. 170 working hours)) by the additional(More)
One hundred and eleven formalin-fixed breast cancer tissue samples were examined for the presence of alpha-lactalbumin using our polyclonal antibodies to this specific milk protein. Alpha-lactalbumin was shown to be present in 67 tumor samples (60%), in 15% of cases the occurrence of alpha-lactalbumin was questionable. No relationship was found between(More)
The article focuses on the radioprotective effect of acute hypoxia on healthy tissues during preoperative accelerated hypoxyradiotherapy of colorectal carcinoma performed as locoregional irradiation including the common iliac lymph nodes. Analysis of early and late side effects and complications. Patients and Methods: In this prospective study, early and(More)
The concentration of carcinoembryonic antigen and alpha-lactalbumin in tumor tissue cytosol were analyzed in a group of 19 tumors of cystosarcoma phyllodes type. Both antigens were also localized in the tissue of identical tumors by means of immunohistochemical procedure. The cytosol levels of both proteins were found to be higher in the histologically(More)