Zdeněk Knotek

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Between 2002 and 2005 210 rabbits, 257 guinea pigs and 123 chinchillas were examined; oral disease was diagnosed in 38.1 per cent of the rabbits, 23.4 per cent of the guinea pigs and 32.5 per cent of the chinchillas. In the rabbits, the maxillary right P3, mandibular right P3, P4 and M1 and mandibular left P3, P4, and M1 were the teeth most frequently(More)
Oral mucosa is an attractive region for the local and systemic application of many drugs. Oral mucoadhesive films are preferred for their prolonged time of residence, the improved bioavailability of the drug they contain, their painless application, their protection against lesions, and their nonirritating properties. This work was focused on preparation of(More)
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