Zbigniew Twardowski

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Key words: peritoneal dialysis; peritoneal catheter; peri-looks good with small crusts and some flaky skin between 12 and 4 o'clock. The sinus (Figure 5) is now toneal catheter exit site; exit-site infection; exit-site classification; exit/tunnel infection monitoring partly covered with epithelium; the granulation tissue deeper in the sinus appears to be(More)
What makes the development of decision support systems (DSS) particularly challenging is the change dynamics of the design space, the instability of initial specifications, and the lack of an adequate model of the decision making process. Facing these, one can appreciate a methodology that can drive the designer's creative effort within a particular(More)
The authors explore the issue of creativity support by computerized information systems used in supporting decision making processes in business organizations. A discussion of their architectural proposal for a creative decision support system, derived as an extension of the classical Sprague-Carlsson 1982 concept, is followed by a case study presenting a(More)
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