Zbigniew Szczepanski

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The method of bromide determination in serum and sweat adapted for a microlitre system is described. Calculation of sweat bromide index is given. Some practical aspects of the method are discussed. The main advantage of the sweat bromide test over other tests is thought to lie in the possibility of mucoviscidosis heterozygosity detection. Eine Methode der(More)
UNLABELLED In children with celiac disease (CD) bone metabolism and mineralization are frequently disturbed. The present study aimed to assess the influence of gluten free diet (GFD) on bone mineral density (BMD) in 73 children with CD, mean age of 12.4 +/- 0.4 years and mean body mass index (BMI) 17.9 +/- 0.4 kg/m2 (mean +/- SEM). Diagnosis of CD was(More)
The study encompassed 62 children aged 4-15 years: 51 with a confirmed diagnosis of celiac disease and 11 suspected of having celiac disease (during diagnostic studies). The control group included 30 healthy children aged 4-15 years. Serum prolactin concentration was measured using radioimmunoassay (RIA) kits. Serum prolactin concentrations were(More)