Zbigniew Mikrut

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In the paper methodology is presented for eyetracking experiments, comprising human eyeball movements tracking during execution of objects counting and localisation tasks. The OBER2 device (based on infrared reflection method) has been used for registration of the eyeball movements. The algorithms for automatic estimation of observation times have been(More)
This paper describes a set of visual tasks performed with a goal to find a correlation of observer's preoccupation and the observation time. Several aspects of objects differentiation were investigated: shape complexity, colour, uniqueness and size. Four visual tasks were performed by 10 volunteers. The eyeball position was captured with use of the OBER 2(More)
In this paper the applied methods and obtained results of scanpath analysis are presented. The volunteers’ goal was to recognize handwritten digits gradually appearing from the background. Two parameters: the focus time and the eye returns count have been used to salient features detection. The paper presents the scanpath processing algorithm identifying(More)
This paper presents a multimodal system for seamless surveillance of elderly people in their living environment. The system uses simultaneously a wearable sensor network for each individual and premise-embedded sensors specific for each environment. The paper demonstrates the benefits of using complementary information from two types of mobility sensors:(More)
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) aim to improve safety, mobility and environmental performance of road transport. The INSIGMA project provides a fresh look at the possible innovations in this field, by enhancing the functionality and accuracy of ITS in urban environments. This paper describes the architecture, sensors, processing algorithms, output(More)