Zbigniew Jaworski

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A survey for antibodies to West Nile virus (WNV; genus ,Flavivirus) was carried out by plaque-re-duction neutralization microtesting in 78 horses, 20 domestic chickens, and 97 wild birds belonging to 10 species from different areas in Poland. Specific antibodies were detected in five juvenile (hatching-year) birds collected in 2006: three white storks(More)
A study of osteoclast and osteoclast nuclear population kinetics within evolving secondary osteons was undertaken in young adult Beagle dogs. Autoradiographs of serial longitudinal rib biopsy sections taken from 1 hour to 15 days after tritiated thymidine injection were analysed as to the time and the rate of appearance of the labelled nuclei within the(More)
The time sequence and anatomical locailsation of bone loss in the mid-diaphysis of the forelimb in response to long-term non-traumatic immoblllsation were studied in Beagle dogs aged seven to eight years. The changes in the right forelimb encased in plaster relative to the left one serving as a control were evaluated by means of radiomorphometry and(More)
Osteoclastic function, as estimated by the speed with which the haversian cutting cones advance through the compacta of the rib (linear erosion) was found significantly decreased (27.97-SE 0.8 mu/day versus normal 43.61-SE 0.7 mu/day) in dogs rendered chronically uremic (BUN between 36-89 mg/100 ml). The cause of the impairment of osteoclasts' function was(More)
A study of the origin, proliferation rate and migration of cells within the secondary evolving Haversian systems was undertaken in young adult Beagle dogs. Autoradiographs of serial longitudinal sections prepared from rib biopsies taken from one hour to eleven days after the injection of tritiated thymidine were subjected to semiquantitative analysis as to(More)
To evaluate the gastro-intestinal parasite fauna of the wild Polish primitive horses (Equus caballus gmelini Ant., forma silvatica Vet.), 11 yearlings captured in the Reserve according to the control rules of population dynamics were diagnostically dewormed with abamectin+praziquantel. Expelled parasites were collected from the faeces 24, 36 and 48 hours(More)