Zbigniew H. Stachurski

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The ancient cell adhesion fasciclin (FAS) domain is found in bacteria, fungi, algae, insects and animals, and occurs in a large family of fasciclin-like arabinogalactan proteins (FLAs) in higher plants. Functional roles for FAS-containing proteins have been determined for insects, algae and vertebrates; however, the biological functions of the various(More)
It is proposed that two ideal amorphous structures, type I and type II, based on maximally random jammed packing of spheres of equal size, form a distinct class of ideal amorphous solids. The ideal amorphous structures contain wide variations in local density, limited by the condition of solidity. Four distinct characteristics, based on statistical geometry(More)
The endoskeletal structure of the Sea Urchin, Centrostephanus rodgersii, has numerous long spines whose known functions include locomotion, sensing, and protection against predators. These spines have a remarkable internal microstructure and are made of single-crystal calcite. A finite-element model of the spine's unique porous structure, based on(More)
Mechanical, optical, magnetic and electronic properties of amorphous materials hold great promise towards current and emergent technologies. We distinguish at least four categories of amorphous (glassy) materials: (i) metallic; (ii) thin films; (iii) organic and inorganic thermoplastics; and (iv) amorphous permanent networks. Some fundamental questions(More)
In nature, durable self-cleaning surfaces such as the Lotus leaf rely on the multiscale architecture and cohesive regenerative properties of organic tissue. Real-world impact of synthetic replicas has been limited by the poor mechanical and chemical stability of the ultrafine hierarchical textures required for attaining a highly dewetting superhydrophobic(More)
Synthesis of magnetic Fe3O4/SiO2/graphene-CdTe QDs/chitosan nanocomposites (FGQCs) is investigated with respect to their potential of improving the drug loading content above that of magnetic/fluorescent bifunctional nanocomposites. To evaluate the performance of the FGQCs, their surface morphology was thoroughly assessed. The in vitro interaction between(More)
BACKGROUND Internal fixation of femoral fractures requires drilling holes through the cortical bone of the shaft of the femur. Intramedullary suction reduces the fat emboli produced by reaming and nailing femoral fractures but requires four suction portals to be drilled into the femoral shaft. This work investigated the effect of these additional holes on(More)
The structural evolution of a Zr64.13Cu15.75Ni10.12Al10 metallic glass is investigated in-situ by high-energy synchrotron X-ray radiation upon heating up to crystallization. The structural rearrangements on the atomic scale during the heating process are analysed as a function of temperature, focusing on shift of the peaks of the structure factor in(More)
The tiller inhibition gene (tin) that reduces tillering in wheat (Triticum aestivum) is also associated with large spikes, increased grain weight, and thick leaves and stems. In this study, comparison of near-isogenic lines (NILs) revealed changes in stem morphology, cell wall composition, and stem strength. Microscopic analysis of stem cross-sections and(More)
This paper presents the tensile deformation behavior of Zr41.25Ti13.75Ni10Cu12.5Be22.5 bulk metallic glass in supercooled liquid region. Isothermal tensile tests are carried out at four characteristic temperatures of 616K, 636K, 656K and 676K which are in the range from glass transition onset temperature to crystallization temperature. The results show that(More)
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