Zbigniew Grabowski

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Selected biomarkers of health were examined in 50 post-spawning cod Gadus morhua collected in November 2015 from the southern Baltic. The biomarkers included condition factor (CF), macroscopic lesions, histopathology of spleen, liver and gonads, and morphometry of follicular atresia and hepatic and splenic melanomacrophage cells (MMC). All fish appeared in(More)
Spectra of the E2 quasicontinuum gamma rays feeding different spin regions of the 154Dy yrast line have been extracted. These are compared with corresponding theoretical spectra obtained by numerical simulations based on temperature-dependent Hartree-Fock theory, with thermal shape fluctuations. In this manner, different regions of the spin-energy plane can(More)
The health condition of 615 disabled persons--in result of occupational CS2 poisoning--has been checked. The diseases yielding grounds for qualification into one of disability groups have been established. In all the disabled people one of the nervous system diseases was diagnosed, which gave grounds for disability certification. Most frequently diagnosed(More)
High-precision nitrogen NMR shieldings, bulk susceptibility corrected, are reported for dimethyl-N-nitrosamine (I) and diethyl-N-nitrosamine (II) in a variety of solvents which represent a wide range of solvent properties from the point of view of polarity as well as hydrogen bond donor and acceptor strength. The observed range of solvent-induced nitrogen(More)
Prompt and delayed gamma-ray cascades in doubly magic 132Sn and its neighbor 131Sn have been studied at Gammasphere using a 248Cm fission source. Isotopic assignments of unknown gamma rays were based on coincidences with known transitions in A = 112-116 Pd fission partners. The yrast level spectra of both tin nuclei are interpreted using empirical(More)
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