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—The paper presents a concept of a rating algorithm aiming at overall peer-to-peer traffic reduction with locality awareness and decrease of load on costly links, thus diminishing operator's costs. The rating algorithm is not only performed by a sole Oracle, as is typically proposed, but its operation is also supported by a similar entity located in other(More)
This paper proposes a dynamic traffic management mechanism which addresses the problem of cost-optimal distribution of inevitable inter-domain traffic on multiple links, and enables dynamic overlay traffic management and adaptation to constantly changing traffic patterns to meet cost optimization goals. The mechanism allows for the management of traffic(More)
Today's overlay-based mobile cloud applications determine a challenge to operators and cloud providers in terms of increasing traffic demands and energy costs. The social-aware management of overlay traffic is a promising optimization approach, which shows potential for improvements by exploiting social information. This paper identifies key stakeholders(More)
As global internet traffic continues to increase, network operators face challenges on how to efficiently manage transmission in their networks. Even though attempts are underway to make optical networks automatic, the majority of actions related to traffic engineering are still performed manually by the administrators. In this paper we propose an Automatic(More)