Zbigniew Domański

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The presented article explores the impact that the formation of shrinkage cavities has on the heat transfer conditions in a mold. The conditions of heat dissipation have a significant impact on the rate of cooling of different parts of the casting, which in turn affects the microstructure formed in the casting. The results presented in this article should(More)
Three dimensional (3D) nanostructured substrates play an important role in a variety of biomedically-oriented nanodevices as well as in functional devices created with the use of DNA scaffolding. Spacial arrangements of binding centers influence the efficiency of these 3D substrates. We compute and analyze the distribution of distances (q) between binding(More)
We describe new approach for algorithmization of the chain-like structures’ dynamics. The main underlying idea of our approach is the sequentialization of the moves. The resulting algorithm enables efficient sampling of vast state spaces related to considered phenomena. In our simulation experiments the algorithm appeared to be much faster than other(More)
This presentation is devoted to the algorithmization of the chain-like body's movements. An ample set of experimental data and recent theoretical achievements show that chain-like polymers traversing a membrane opening undergo multiple changes of their shape. These changes are mostly due to a mechanical tension induced by an environment with its chemical(More)
Cellular differentiation in a developing organism is studied via a discrete bistable reaction-diffusion model. A system of undifferentiated cells is allowed to receive an inductive signal emanating from its environment. Depending on the form of the nonlinear reaction kinetics, this signal can trigger a series of bifurcations in the system. Differentiation(More)