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− A new Built-In-Self-Test scheme for diagnosis of analog fully differential circuits in embedded mixed-signal microsystems is presented. The measurement procedure is realized by the internal resources of the microcontroller. The real and imaginary parts of the output differential voltage are measured with common-mode excitation of the circuit under test(More)
Ab st ra c t-The new solution of a BIST called the JTAG BIST for self-testing of analog parts of electronic embedded systems is presented in the paper. The JTAG BIST consists of the BCT8244A and SCANSTA476 integrated circuits of Texas Instruments controlled via the IEEE 1149.1 bus. The BCT8244A is a scan test device with octal buffers, and the SCANSTA476 is(More)
 In the paper an implementation of a new modified 2D bilinear method [1] of fault detection and localisation of analog electronic circuits, taking into consideration tolerances of elements in embedded systems based on microcontrollers is described. This approach consists of two stages. In the first stage a fault dictionary consisting of a nominal area(More)
− This paper presents the new self-testing method for diagnosis of analog parts in mixed-signal embedded systems controlled by microcontrollers. The tested analog part is stimulated by a sinus-wave supplied by the onboard generator and its responses are sampled in selected nodes by microcontrollers ADC. The measurement space is represented by differences(More)
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