Zbigniew Czaja

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− In the paper new methods of fault localisation and identification in linear electronic circuits (two-port or multiport type) based on bilinear transformations in multidimensional spaces are presented. The novelty of these methods lies in transferring family of identification loci from a plane to multidimensional spaces. It implies greater distances(More)
 In the paper an implementation of a new modified 2D bilinear method [1] of fault detection and localisation of analog electronic circuits, taking into consideration tolerances of elements in embedded systems based on microcontrollers is described. This approach consists of two stages. In the first stage a fault dictionary consisting of a nominal area(More)
− This paper presents the new self-testing method for diagnosis of analog parts in mixed-signal embedded systems controlled by microcontrollers. The tested analog part is stimulated by a sinus-wave supplied by the onboard generator and its responses are sampled in selected nodes by microcontrollers ADC. The measurement space is represented by differences(More)
A new solution of a smart microcontroller sensor based on a simple direct sensor-microcontroller interface for technical objects modeled by two-terminal networks and by the Beaunier’s model of anticorrosion coating is proposed. The tested object is stimulated by a square pulse and its time voltage response is sampled four times by the internal ADC of(More)