Zbigniew Burdach

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The physiological activity of exogenous 4-Cl-IAA, as compared to IAA, was examined in maize coleoptile segments. It was found that in this model system 4-Cl-IAA is much more active in the stimulation of elongation than IAA. Simultaneous measurements of growth and external pH indicated that administration of either IAA or 4-Cl-IAA resulted in medium(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The mechanism of auxin action on ion transport in growing cells has not been determined in detail. In particular, little is known about the role of chloride in the auxin-induced growth of coleoptile cells. Moreover, the data that do exist in the literature are controversial. This study describes experiments that were carried out with(More)
The effects of temperature (5–45°C) on endogenous growth, growth in the presence of either indoleacetic acid (IAA) or fusicoccin (FC), and proton extrusion in maize coleoptile segments were studied. In addition, membrane potential changes at some temperatures were also determined. It was found that in this model system endogenous growth exhibits a clear(More)
The effect of Cd and Pb on endogenous and IAA-induced elongation growth and medium pH of maize coleoptile segments incubated at 20, 25 and 30 °C was studied. It was found that the elongation of coleoptile segments and proton extrusion increased with the temperature and reached its maximum at 30 °C. For Cd, the maximal inhibition of endogenous and(More)
The patch-clamp technique was used to examine the effect of trimethyllead chloride (Met(3)PbCl) on SV channel activity in red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) taproot vacuoles. It was found that in the control bath the macroscopic currents showed the typical slow activation and a strong outward rectification of the steady-state currents. An addition of Met(3)PbCl to(More)
Plant growth and development are tightly regulated by both plant growth substances and environmental factors such as temperature. Taking into account the above, it was reasonable to point out that indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), the most abundant type of auxin in plants, could be involved in temperature- dependent growth of plant cells. We have recently shown(More)
In the present study, patch-clamp techniques have been used to investigate the effect of trimethyltin chloride (Met3SnCl) on the slow vacuolar (SV) channels in vacuoles from red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) taproots. Activity of SV channels has been measured in whole-vacuole and cytosolic side-out patch configurations. It was found that addition of trimethyltin(More)
The effects of Cd and Pb on membrane potential (E(m)) and photoelectric reaction of Nitellopsis obtusa cells were investigated. It was found that Cd and Pb at 1.0 mM caused a depolarization of the E(m), whereas both metals at lower concentrations changed the E(m) in a different way. Pb at 0.1 mM and 0.01 mM hyperpolarized the E(m), whereas Cd at the same(More)
Blueberries are an increasingly important h~ticultural crop in New Zealand and other coun~es. Fruit ripen over an extended period, with considerable differences in storage and other qualities. Tissue concentrations of abscisic acid (ABA), 1-aminocyciopmpane-l-carboxylic acid (ACC), malonyl-ACC and also ACC oxidase activity and ethylene evolution were(More)
The experiments were carried out with 96-h-old intact maize seedlings and 10 mm long coleoptile segments cut 4 mm below the tip. The electric fields were applied longitudinally along the seedlings. The electric field (15 V) caused inhibition of the elongation growth of intact seedlings which was dependent on both the polarity and the duration of the applied(More)
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