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The immunostimulating and anti-cancer action of interferons (IFNs) has been known for many years. However, IFNs have not been introduced widely into the schemes of oncological treatment because of serious side effects potentiating untoward effects of chemotherapy. In addition using high doses of IFNs by parental routes the cost of such therapy is(More)
A survey of group B Streptococcus and other pathogenic bacteria colonization was carried out on 658 neonates in 8 neonatal wards of hospitals in the Gdańsk Metro Area and the district of Gdańsk. Out of pathogenic bacteria Haemophilus and enteric bacteria the most frequently were isolated. The percentage of Staphylococcus aureus was relatively low (19.4).(More)
In 17 girls after the complex anti-neoplasm therapy we estimated the state of genital organs and the course of menorrhagia cycle together with plasma levels of beta-estradiol, progesterone and prolactin assessed by RIA. We found the secondary lack of menorrhagia together with lowered progesterone and beta-estradiol levels in 3 girls, in whom the abdominal(More)
We estimated the psychosomatic development of 25 girls aged 13-19 years after antineoplastic therapy. Normal parameters of physical development were stated in all cases. No injury of central nervous system in all cases was seen. Psychological examination revealed strong suppression reactions and evident anxiety signs in majority of girls.
THE AIM OF THE STUDY Comparison of clinical outcome of lower respiratory tract infections in small children treated or not treated with antibiotics. MATERIAL AND METHODS Eighty seven children aged from 2 months to 5 years admitted to hospital with mild to moderate bronchitis and/or pneumonia were randomly allocated to one of two groups: group A children(More)
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