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Regular flows of weakly compressible viscoelastic fluids and the incompressible limit
We consider compressible viscoelastic fluids satisfying the Oldroyd constitutive law. We prove the local existence (and uniqueness) of flows by a classical fixed point argument. We also prove someExpand
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Aristotle did not develop the quantification of the predicate, but, as shown in a recent paper by Hasnawi, Ibn Sīnā did. In fact, assuming the Aristotelian subject-predicate structure, Ibn SīnāExpand
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Local Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for Non Stationary Compressible Fluid
This work is devoted to the study of a compressible viscoelastic uids satisfying the Oldroyd-B model in a regular bounded domain. We prove the local existence of solutions and uniqueness of ows by aExpand
Predictive Capabilities of Cubic Turbulence Model in the Square Duct
The aim of this work is to predict numerically the turbulent flow through a straight square duct. The numerical simulations using Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations with a cubic eddy-viscosityExpand
Formal derivation and existence result of an approximate model on dislocation densities
Lebanese University, Faculty of Science I, Mathematics Department, Hadath, Lebanon Université de technologie de Compiègne, LMAC Laboratory of Applied Mathematics of Compiègne, Centre de rechercheExpand
Global existence of a heavy ball model with a varying nonnegative friction
In this paper, we study a dissipative dynamical system non linear of second order $ \ddot{x}(t)+\lambda(t)\, \dot{x}(t)+\nabla \Phi (x(t))=0,$ with the non-negative friction coefficient $\lambda \inExpand
Development of secondary flows in viscoelastic curved ducts and the influence of outlet region
Abstract This paper presents numerical simulations of Newtonian and viscoelastic flows through a 180° curved duct of square cross section with a long straight outlet region. A particular attention isExpand
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