Zaynab Mousavian

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INTRODUCTION Identification of the interaction between drugs and target proteins is a crucial task in genomic drug discovery. The in silico prediction is an appropriate alternative for the laborious and costly experimental process of drug-target interaction prediction. Developing a variety of computational methods opens a new direction in analyzing and(More)
The labor-intensive and expensive experimental process of drug-target interaction prediction has motivated many researchers to focus on in silico prediction, which leads to the helpful information in supporting the experimental interaction data. Therefore, they have proposed several computational approaches for discovering new drug-target interactions.(More)
With the growing understanding of complex diseases, the focus of drug discovery has shifted away from the well-accepted “one target, one drug” model, to a new “multi-target, multi-drug” model, aimed at systemically modulating multiple targets. Identification of the interaction between drugs and target proteins plays an important role in genomic drug(More)
"A Mathematical Theory of Communication", was published in 1948 by Claude Shannon to establish a framework that is now known as information theory. In recent decades, information theory has gained much attention in the area of systems biology. The aim of this paper is to provide a systematic review of those contributions that have applied information theory(More)
In this paper, a new approach for analyzing program behavioral graphs to detect fault relevant paths is presented. The existing graph mining approaches for bug localization merely detect discriminative sub-graphs between failing and passing runs. However, they are not applicable when the context of a failure is not appeared in a discriminative pattern. In(More)
By the development of information theory in 1948 by Claude Shannon to address the problems in the field of data storage and data communication over (noisy) communication channel, it has been successfully applied in many other research areas such as bioinformatics and systems biology. In this manuscript, we attempt to review some of the existing literatures(More)
Despite vast improvements that have been made in the treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the majority of infant ALL patients (~80 %, < 1 year of age) that carry a chromosomal translocation involving the mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) gene shows a poor response to chemotherapeutic drugs, especially glucocorticoids (GCs), which are(More)
Detecting functional motifs in biological networks is one of the challenging problems in systems biology. Given a multiset of colors as query and a list-colored graph (an undirected graph with a set of colors assigned to each of its vertices), the problem is reduced to finding connected subgraphs, which best cover the multiset of query. To solve this(More)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus are two evolutionary distant bacterial species that are frequently isolated from persistent infections such as chronic infectious wounds and severe lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients. To the best of our knowledge no comprehensive genome scale co-expression study has been already conducted on these(More)
Background: Prediction of new drug-target interactions is extremely important as it can lead the researchers to find new uses for old drugs and to realize the therapeutic profiles or side effects thereof. However, experimental prediction of drug-target interactions is expensive and timeconsuming. As a result, computational methods for prediction of new(More)