Zawar Hussain

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BACKGROUND Recessive mutant alleles of MYO7A, USH1C, CDH23, and PCDH15 cause non-syndromic deafness or type 1 Usher syndrome (USH1) characterised by deafness, vestibular areflexia, and vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa. For CDH23, encoding cadherin 23, non-syndromic DFNB12 deafness is associated primarily with missense mutations hypothesised to have(More)
a Control charts are widely used for process monitoring. They show whether the variation is due to common causes or whether some of the variation is due to special causes. To detect large shifts in the process, Shewhart-type control charts are preferred. Cumulative sum (CUSUM) and exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) control charts are generally(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the genetic cause of prelingual sensorineural hearing loss in Pakistani families using a next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based mutation screening test named OtoSeq. STUDY DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Research laboratory. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We used 3 fluorescently labeled short tandem repeat (STR) markers for each of the(More)
Técnica de conteo de items bayesiana mejorada usando diferentes distribuciones a priori Abstract Item Count Technique (ICT) serves the purpose of estimating the proportion of the people with stigmatizing attributes using the indirect questioning method. An improved ICT has been recently proposed in the literature (not requiring two subsamples and hence free(More)
To study lifetimes of certain engineering processes, a lifetime model which can accommodate the nature of such processes is desired. The mixture models of underlying lifetime distributions are intuitively more appropriate and appealing to model the heterogeneous nature of process as compared to simple models. This paper is about studying a 3-component(More)
In this paper, interesting improvements in [1] and [2] randomized response techniques have been proposed. The proposed randomized response technique applies Polya's urn process (see [3]) to obtain data from respondents. One of the suggested technique requires reporting the number of draws to observe a fixed number of cards of certain type. On the contrary,(More)