Zaw Min Htet

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Cytoplasmic dynein is a dimeric motor that transports intracellular cargoes towards the minus end of microtubules (MTs). In contrast to other processive motors, stepping of the dynein motor domains (heads) is not precisely coordinated. Therefore, the mechanism of dynein processivity remains unclear. Here, by engineering the mechanical and catalytic(More)
In human cells, cytoplasmic dynein-1 is essential for long-distance transport of many cargos, including organelles, RNAs, proteins, and viruses, towards microtubule minus ends. To understand how a single motor achieves cargo specificity, we identified the human dynein interactome by attaching a promiscuous biotin ligase ('BioID') to seven components of the(More)
Regulation is central to the functional versatility of cytoplasmic dynein, a motor involved in intracellular transport, cell division, and neurodevelopment. Previous work established that Lis1, a conserved regulator of dynein, binds to its motor domain and induces a tight microtubule-binding state in dynein. The work we present here-a combination of(More)
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