Zavisa I. Janjic

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[1] Atmospheric chemists have recently focused on the relevance of the NO2* + H2O → OH + HONO reaction to local air quality. This chemistry has been considered not relevant for the troposphere from known reaction rates until nowadays. New experiments suggested a rate constant of 1.7 10 13 cm molecule 1 s , which is an order of magnitude faster than the(More)
Sea-salt aerosol global models are typically evaluated against concentration observations at coastal stations that are unaffected by local surf conditions and thus considered representative of open ocean conditions. Despite recent improvements in sea-salt source functions, studies still show significant model errors in specific regions. Using a multiscale(More)
[1] This study explores the impact of spring subsurface soil temperature (SUBT) anomaly in the western U.S. on North American summer precipitation, mainly southeastern U.S., and possible mechanisms using a regional climate Eta model and a general circulation model (GCM). The GCM produces the lateral boundary condition (LBC) for the Eta model. Two initial(More)
The existing data bases - on the number and distribution of the injured are unfortunately unreliable and very poor. There is also a shortage of information needed in assessing human and financial aspect of the trauma as well as physical, social, economic and psychological circumstances under wich injuries have heppened. That is why the bases of all(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive description and benchmark evaluation of the tropospheric gasphase chemistry component of the Multiscale Online Nonhydrostatic AtmospheRe CHemistry model (NMMBMONARCH), formerly known as NMMB/BSC-CTM, that can be run on both regional and global domains. Here, we provide an extensive evaluation of a global annual cycle(More)
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