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Money supply behaviour in emerging economies: a comparative analysis
This paper reports new evidence consistent with the post-Keynesian hypothesis of money endogeneity for hitherto unexplored 10 emerging economies. These results were obtained using a vector errorExpand
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Post-Keynesian money endogeneity evidence in G-7 economies
Post-Keynesian theory of money endogeneity emphasizes the importance of bank loans causing money supply changes. Thus, the proponents of endogenous money supply assert banks create money by meetingExpand
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Money supply endogeneity and bank stock returns
This article presents results of tests on two related hypotheses on money supply. The first relates to an unresolved issue of money endogeneity while the second centres on the yet-exploredExpand
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Money supply endogeneity and bank stock returns: empirical evidence from the G-7 countries
This thesis is about (a) money supply being determined by banking behaviour, or by the behaviour of central banks and (b) the influence of money supply on bank stock returns. That money isExpand
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This paper investigates the nature of money supply in Australia over two separate monetary policy regimes: monetary and inflation targeting. The post-Keynesian theory on endogenous money was testedExpand
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