Zarwina Yusoff

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The innovation in e-learning technologies had generated the new platform; learning process through mobile environment. However, many of the concepts mobile based learning environments are currently lacking of engagement in creating the student's attention because the low of interactively the learning content. So this article highlights the survey of mobile(More)
The progress in learning technologies has generated new knowledge about visualizing learning content to enhance the teaching process in a learning environment. In current situations, students are less of understanding and focus their topic during learning session in a classroom. This articles sums up the concept of knowledge visualization as a visual(More)
A Computer game is the new platform in generating learning experiences for educational purposes. There are many educational games that have been used as an interaction design tool in a learning environment to enhance students learning outcomes. However, research also claims that playing video games can have a negative impact on student behavior, cognition(More)
The limitation of current e-learning technology has caused a lack of student attention in educational environment. Therefore, this study describes the integration of mobile based learning through Augmented Reality Environment to incorporate the student attention elements by computer-generated content. To incorporate student attention element, this study(More)
The current e-learning technology has a limitation; such as lack of interactivity, lack of interest and lack immobility which decrease students’ attention in using it. In realizing the element of student attention; this article will propose the model integration of mobile learning through Augmented Reality by incorporating student attention elements. In(More)
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