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With our daily busy schedules, the home is one of the main locations where we could unwind and relax. With the implementation of an effective smart home system, the relaxation time could begin as soon as the homeowners return home. The Eye 2H is an automated smart home control system that detects the homeowners emotion via facial detection. The system is(More)
The increasing cost of living nowadays has caused many people to work harder in order to gain more pay. The associated heavier workloads together with tension and pressure often lead to stress-related health problems. People do really deserve a good rest when they come home from their office. As a result, the proposed solution - The Eye 2H is an intelligent(More)
Cross site scripting (XSS) is one of the major threats to the web application security, where the research is still underway for an effective and useful way to analyse the source code of web application and removes this threat. XSS occurs by injecting the malicious scripts into web application and it can lead to significant violations at the site or for the(More)
Nowadays, email is one of the fastest ways to conduct communications through sending out information and attachments from one to another. Individuals and organizations are all benefit the convenience from email usage, but at the same time they may also suffer the unexpected user experience of receiving spam email all the time. Spammers flood the email(More)
Online Social Network (OSN) has become the most popular platform on the Internet that can provide an interesting and creative ways to communicate, sharing and meets with peoples. As OSNs mature, issues regarding proper use of OSNs are also growing. In this research, the challenges of online social networks have been investigated. The current issues in some(More)
This paper investigates users' understanding of security features and application and examines perceptions relating to usability. The study made use of an online survey consisting of five sections and recruited a total of 564 participants. Respondents were presented with a range of questions designed to measure their experience and knowledge of security. In(More)