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This paper proposes the calculation of the required number of bits transmitted in the system, in order to achieve the desired level of confidence. Proposed solution is based on the selected value for the bit error probability, and statistical confidence levels. In addition, required error probability for telecommunications protocols and data transfer(More)
In this paper we calculate the distribution of output power of traffic channels of base station in GSM network depending on the traffic load. The principle of the calculation is to find the distribution of the output power of one traffic channel, and then to combine this distribution with the distribution of the number of busy traffic channels. Numerical(More)
Transmission of human voice in telecommunication network suffers different impacts. The estimation of these impacts was always subject of international recommendations. The estimation of total impact of all factors in classic telephone technique was very difficult. Permissible limits of different impairment factors were expressed using different units. The(More)
In this paper is presented that base station output power can be decreased by the power control in each channel. In this case very important is the distribution function of users’ density in the cell. We present the examples of the cells without power control and the examples of the cells with power control, where the distribution of users’ density in the(More)
In this paper we consider the mixed telephone network of electric power utility consisting of IP, ISDN and Power Line Carrier links. Very important demand in the network is high availability. The central detector of IP and ISDN link failure (pre-alarm) is presented. The detector function is based on the prolonged response time of the network in the case of(More)
This paper compares the influence of various factors on the output power of each GSM channel and connection, and on the output power of whole base transceiver station in GSM network. The considered factors are the influence of sending signal only when speech exists (DTX), implementation of power control in signal sending, influence of users’ distribution in(More)
In this paper influence of burst packet loss on the quality of telephony speech signal in the packet network of Electric Power Utility (EPU) is calculated. Due to transients, the burst packet loss in EPU network is more probable than random packet loss. We can calculate the impairment factor in two ways: as the mean value of impairments in all nodes, or as(More)
Professional paper This paper presents a research on the influence of packet loss on quality of Internet speech connection. A novel simulation method is proposed to determine time distribution of the loss impairment factor, which is one of the parameters necessary to determine connection quality according to E-model. Several examples illustrate the use of(More)
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