Zarine I Garcia

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The Mediterranean diet may be responsible for lower cardiovascular disease rates in Southern versus Northern European countries. Oregano is used abundantly in Mediterranean cooking, but potential cardiovascular benefits have not been investigated. Carvacrol, present in oregano, activates the transient receptor potential (TRP) cation channels TRPA1 and(More)
The contractile state of vascular smooth muscle cells is regulated by small changes in membrane potential that gate voltage-dependent calcium channels. The melastatin transient receptor potential (TRP) channel TRPM4 is a critical mediator of pressure-induced membrane depolarization and arterial constriction. A recent study shows that the tricyclic compound(More)
The melastatin (M) transient receptor potential channel (TRP) channel TRPM4 is a critical regulator of vascular smooth muscle cell membrane potential and contractility. We recently reported that PKCδ activity influences smooth muscle cell excitability by promoting translocation of TRPM4 channel protein to the plasma membrane. Here we further investigate the(More)
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