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Monitoring laboratory equipment record is important to ensure every item is always in place. Generally, in and out equipment is handled manually by technician by writing down the equipment information, including time and date in equipment circulation form. To automate the process, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the most practical and(More)
This paper discusses about an ongoing project that serves the needs of people with physical disabilities at home. It uses the Bluetooth technology to establish communication between user's Smartphone and controller board. The prototype support manual controlling and microcontroller controlling to lock and unlock home door. By connecting the circuit with a(More)
A good noise reduction is a method that can reduce the noise level and preserve the details of the image. This paper proposes the development of a denoising method through hybridization of bilateral filters and wavelet thresholding for digital images in low light condition.In the first stage, the noisy image is passed through Bilateral Filter. However, only(More)
The Calorie Information System is a web-based system for a dietetic monitoring and assessment of calculating and controlling the amount of calories taken per day by the user. In this system, the measurement device is developed to measure user’s height and weight before the system displays the Body Mass Index (BMI), the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and the(More)
Automated monitoring systems are becoming trends, creating easier method to identify item, tracking, monitoring and add on security values. In places where there are lots of items accessed by many users, the tendency of loss is high due to weakness in items monitoring. Here, we briefly describe our research on the university’s laboratory perspectives. The(More)
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