Zao-Jian Zou

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To overcome the disadvantages appeared in the application of some supermini underwater robots, a simple improved design framework is proposed. A mechanical improvement scheme is proposed. An easy handle, powerful and computer aided software system including the closed-loop control algorithm is developed for solving the shortcomings that are existed in the(More)
A new hybrid adaptive control algorithm is proposed for the nonlinear system controller design of underwater robot. Compared with the previous works in the controller design of underwater robot, the main advantages of this work are: (1) A new disturbance prediction and compensation model is proposed; (2) A new adaptive fuzzy smoother is proposed for the(More)
Path following of underactuated surface vessels is important practice in ship motion control field. Some of current studies have restrictions on forms of desired trajectory of which straight line or sinusoid curve was excluded. In this paper, adaptive robust controllers for path following of underactuated surface vessels are proposed based on hierarchical(More)
In this paper, submarine's response model in vertical plane is transferred into state space model using ‘white box’ theory of linear system. Least square support vector machine (LS-SVM) is used to identify zigzag test of submarine's response model in vertical plane and the identification results verify the validity of this method. The(More)
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