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A new luteolin triglycoside from Ficus ischnopoda leaves
A new triglycoside flavone was isolated from the leaves of Ficus ischnopoda, together with five known flavonoids (2–6) and seven known lignans (7–13) and their structures were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analysis and comparison with literature data.
Effects of drought and flooding stress on photosynthetic characteristics of pecan Carya illinoinensis Wangenh.and ultrastructure of its chloroplasts
One-year-old pecan seedlings were adopted as materials to investigate the influences of drought and flooding stress on the photosynthetic characteristics and ultrastructure of chloroplast.Results
Preliminary Report on Introduction of Pecan Improved Cultivars in Huaibei Area of Jiangsu Province
The introduction tests of pecan improved varieties Mahan,Weston,Tegusi,Zhongshan No.25 and Shoshone have been conducted in Sihong county of Jiangsu province for 4 years,the results showed that these