Zaneta Swiatkowska-Warkocka

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Fabrication of size-tailored semiconductor/metal submicrometer spherical particles has recently attracted signifi cant interest due to their unique physicochemical properties and emerging applications in many strategically important fi elds such as photonic crystals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, catalysis, energy, and environmental protection. [ 1 ] ZnO,(More)
We report the synthesis of Au-based submicrometer-sized spherical particles with uniform morphology/size and integrated porosity-magnetic property in a single particles. The particles are synthesized by a two-step process: (a) selective pulsed laser heating of colloidal nanoparticles to form particles with Au-rich core and Fe-rich shell and (b) acid(More)
This paper presents a facile and flexible synthesis platform for various 3D porous gold-iron nanostructures based on selective laser heating of colloidal nanoparticles and selective acid treatment. The presented approach allows to create porous gold-based nanostructures with different morphologies. In addition, for the first time, our studies indicate that(More)
Spherical iron oxide nanocomposite particles composed of magnetite and wustite have been successfully synthesized using a novel method of pulsed laser irradiation in ethyl acetate. Both the size and the composition of nanocomposite particles are controlled by laser irradiation condition. Through tuning the laser fluence, the Fe3O4/FeO phase ratio can be(More)
The generation of nanoalloys of immiscible metals is still a challenge using conventional methods. However, because these materials are currently attracting much attention, alternative methods are needed. In this article, we demonstrate a simple but powerful strategy for the generation of a new metastable alloy of immiscible metals. Au(1-x)Ni(x) 3D(More)
The development of a general method to fabricate spherical semiconductor and metal particles advances their promising electrical, optical, magnetic, plasmonic, thermoelectric, and optoelectric applications. Herein, by using CuO as an example, we systematically demonstrate a general bottom-up laser processing technique for the synthesis of submicrometer(More)
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