Zane Quible

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3) estimated that 10.3 million blogs would be in existence by the end of 2004, a phenomenal increase from the 23 known blogs that existed at the beginning of 1999 (Rebecca's Pocket, 2000, ¶ 1). The terms Weblogs (or Web logs) and blogs, the shortened version, are often used interchangeably. However, technically speaking, a Web log can also refer to the(More)
The process must not be aimed at individual faculty members, and departments • The process should be led by faculty members, and faculty participation should be voluntary • The process should use student work already produced in courses, and • The process should assess all undergraduates, including transfer students, because general education outcomes(More)
There are numerous guides on Web design but for the most part, these are based on designers' intuition and common sense Ð with little theoretical or experimental validation. A major problem is that there is a general lack of cognitive guidelines for Web design. Of the few available theoretical guidelines for designing hypermedia documents, very little(More)
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