Zane K. Saul

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BACKGROUND Strongyloides stercoralis infection is endemic in subtropical and tropical regions but is reported rather sporadically in temperate countries. In the USA, the highest rates of infection are from the southeastern states, predominantly among immigrants. There is paucity of case reports on S. stercoralis infection among HIV-infected patients who(More)
We report the first case of Engyodontium album bioprosthetic valve endocarditis in a 44-year-old male with a history of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. There is only one other report of Engyodontium album as a human pathogen. The present case supports the increased incidence of fungal endocarditis especially in patients receiving immunotherapy.
BACKGROUND The use of proteasome inhibitors like Bortezomib to treat multiple myeloma has been associated with increased rates of opportunistic infections, including Nocardia, especially when lymphopenia is present. The prevalence or association of such infections with newer agents like Carfilzomib is not known. CASE REPORT A 71-year-old man with multiple(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify an indicator of appropriate antibiotic use for bacteremia that is scientifically sound, that is noncontroversial, and that can be broadly applied as an index of the quality of care. DESIGN Retrospective review of consecutive cases of significant documented bacteremias. SETTING Suburban tertiary-care hospital. RESULTS Two hundred(More)
Ceftazidime-avibactam and ceftolozane-tazobactam are new antimicrobials with activity against multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa. We present the first case of persistent P. aeruginosa bacteremia with in vitro resistance to these novel antimicrobials. A 68-year-old man with newly diagnosed follicular lymphoma was admitted to the medical intensive(More)
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