Zandra Holmes

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Approximately 15% of patients with myasthenia gravis (MG) have thymus neoplasia. These MG with thymoma (MGT) patients show autoantibodies to striated muscle as well as autoantibodies to acetylcholine receptor. To characterize these thymoma-associated muscle antigens, we cloned a number of immunopositive cDNAs by immunoscreening muscle cDNA libraries with(More)
While it has been established that anti-phospholipid antibodies (aPL) are associated with recurrent miscarriage (RM), the importance of anti-beta2 glycoprotein 1 (GP1) IgG and anti-annexin V IgG antibodies as risk factors for RM is undefined. We have investigated the prevalence of anti-beta2 GP1 IgG and anti-annexin V IgG antibodies in 54 aPL-positive and(More)
Activated protein C (APC) resistance, both in its congenital form, due to the factor V Leiden mutation, and in its acquired form, are important risk factors for systemic venous thrombosis. In view of the suspected thrombotic aetiology of some cases of recurrent miscarriage, the prevalence of APC resistance was determined among 1111 consecutive Caucasian(More)
To investigate whether the factor V Leiden mutation increases the risk of fatal pulmonary emboli, we determined the presence of the factor V Leiden mutation in pathology material from two series of autopsies of patients from the Leiden University Hospital, The Netherlands. The first series consisted of consecutive autopsies in which pulmonary emboli were(More)
The T-even type coliphage M1 uses the outer membrane protein OmpA as a receptor. Host range mutants were isolated in two sequential steps, the first resulting in strains able to use the porin OmpC, the second in mutants using the outer membrane protease OmpT as receptor. The mutational alterations in the receptor-recognizing protein of the phage (a(More)
We have investigated the potency of the C677T mutation in the methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene as a genetic risk factor in women with a history of early (</=12 weeks gestation) and/or late (>12 weeks gestation) recurrent miscarriage (three or more consecutive pregnancy losses). Fifty-seven of the total 173 (32. 9%) patients were(More)
A long-PCR-based technique was developed to investigate a possible deletion in the protein S gene, PROS1, in a family with type I protein S (PS) deficiency (pedigree PS62). Long-PCR across introns produced an unexpected 2kb PCR product between exon VII and XII not seen in control individuals, in addition to the expected 2.5 kb exon VII-VIII product. This(More)
Results concerning the precise location of the ompT gene (encoding the outer membrane protease OmpT) on the Escherichia coli chromosome were obtained which disagree with published restriction sites in the gene. It is shown that the gene, together with appY, is present on a 3.075 PstI fragment, encompassing positions 596–598 of the E. coli physical map.
In mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), in addition to the characteristic t(11;14)(q13;q32), rearrangements on the 3′ side of the cyclin D1 gene have been described. In a series of 32 MCL we found three cases with 3′-rearrangements by Southern blot analysis with a probe representing the 3′ untranslated region of the cyclin D1 gene. All three were characterized by(More)
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