Zan-shao Xia

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Injections for traditional Chinese medicine have over 60 years of history of development and application. In recent years, however, their adverse reactions have been reported one after another. Consequently, studies on screening sensitinogens (sensibiligens) from injections for traditional Chinese medicine have drawn people's attention and become a tough(More)
The qualitative and quantitative analysis on traditional Chinese medicine and formula components can be made by chemical and instrumental analysis methods. Of both, the instrumental analysis methods play a dominant role, including HPLC, HPLC-MS, HPLC-NMR, GC, GC-MS, biochemical and biological effect. But because traditional Chinese medicines and formula(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of molecular imprinting phenomena of traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) on basic theories of TCMs according to current situations of molecular imprinting technology and experimental studies. METHOD Fundamental principles of molecular imprinting theory were followed to analyze the material basis for TCM molecules to(More)
OBJECTIVE Synthesis and identification of complete antigen of rutin, the traditional Chinese medicine active ingredient, and develop rapid detection of rutin using enzyme-linked immunoassay method (ELISA). Immunogenicity of the complete antigen was also studied. METHOD Prepare the complete antigen by sodium periodate solution and identified by UV scanning(More)
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