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BACKGROUND Temperature change between neighboring days (TCN), an indicator to reflect sudden temperature variation, has been identified as an independent risk factor for human health by small-scale studies. However, the adverse impact of TCN on mortality and effect modification are insufficiently studied, and a larger multi-cities analysis at national level(More)
BACKGROUND Consistent evidence has shown that high diurnal temperature range (DTR) is associated with excess mortality, but little is known about the subgroups in the association. We aimed to identify the effect modifiers, including individual characteristics and specific mortality causes, of the association in a high plateau region with large DTR and(More)
BACKGROUND Supplementation with B vitamins for stroke prevention has been evaluated over the years, but which combination of B vitamins is optimal for stroke prevention is unclear. We performed a network meta-analysis to assess the impact of different combinations of B vitamins on risk of stroke. METHODS A total of 17 trials (86 393 patients) comparing 7(More)
The existing definitions of metabolic syndrome (MetS) may not be fully appropriate for the Shantou population because of ethnic and regional differences. We sought to establish a 95% multivariate medical reference range (MMRR) model for diagnosing MetS in Shantou adults and to evaluate the prevalence of MetS by the MMRR, JCDCG (the Chinese Guidelines), and(More)
BACKGROUND Consistent evidence has shown excess mortality associated with cold temperature, but some important details of the cold-mortality association (e.g. slope and threshold) have not been adequately investigated and few studies focused on the cold effect in high-altitude areas of developing countries. We attempted to quantify the cold effect on(More)
BACKGROUND Diurnal temperature range (DTR) is an important meteorological indicator that reflects weather stability and is associated with global climate change and urbanization. Previous studies have explored the effect of DTR on human health in coastal cities with small daily temperature variations, but we have little evidence for high plateau regions(More)
  • Zan Ding, Na Li
  • Lin chuang er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi…
  • 2012
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical pathological features of tracheobronchial foreign bodies and to improve the diagnosis and treatment. METHOD A retrospective study was conducted on 1050 cases with suspected tracheobronchial foreign bodies. Each patient was analyzed for age, sex, history, complication and location of the foreign body. Nine hundred and(More)
OBJECTIVE Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is associated with a poor prognosis and high mortality, but no study has elucidated the association between glycemic variability (GV) and functional outcome in ICH. The authors of this study aimed to determine whether GV is a predictor of 30-day functional outcome in ICH patients. METHODS The study recruited 366(More)
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