Zameera Naik

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A comprehensive study of the low-lying states of 108 Ag, near the iso-meric state at E i = 110 keV with J π = 6 + and T 1/2 = 438 y, has been presented. Spectroscopy of these states has been carried out using the reaction 100 Mo(11 B, 3nγ) 108 Ag at 39 MeV beam energy using INGA. The multipolarities and electromagnetic nature of the transitions have been(More)
The high spin negative parity states of 108 Ag have been investigated with the 11 B + 100 Mo reaction at 39 MeV beam energy using the INGA facility at TIFR, Mumbai. From the γ − γ coincidence analysis, an excited negative parity band has been established and found to be nearly degenerate with the ground state band. The spin and parity of the levels are(More)
The newly developed multi-quasiparticle triaxial projected shell-model approach is employed to study the high-spin band structures in neutron-deficient even-even Ce-and Nd-isotopes. It is observed that γ-bands are built on each intrinsic configuration of the triaxial mean-field deformation. Due to the fact that a triaxial configuration is a superposition of(More)
Gorlin-Goltz syndrome or basal cell nevus syndrome is a comparatively rare syndrome characterized by basal cell nevi, odontogenic keratocysts, and skeletal anomalies. Diagnosis is based on the major and minor clinical and radiographic criteria. Dentist plays a major role in the diagnosis of this disease due to the oral and maxillofacial manifestations of(More)
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